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The new free horse browsergame

Play completely free and immerse yourself in the world of Noble Horse Champion. Choose your favourite breed and enter the world of equestrian sports with your first own horse. You can choose your own career path. Become a show rider and train your horses for the big competitions or become a breeder and make your stud farm world famous by breeding the best and most beautiful horses.


This browser game was developed as a Bachelor thesis under the working title 'Riding Academy' in the summer of 2017.
After the submission of this extraordinary work, the project came to a standstill until it was brought back to life with new beautiful graphics.

On 1st May 2019 the browser game was released in an alpha version under the new name Noble Horse Champion.
Since then, new content has been added in regular updates and a large community has been created.
But NHC is still at the very beginning of a long and adventurous journey around the horse. Follow us on this journey and experience many new breeds and game content.

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Each mane and tail can be changed individually - even independently. Every breed has individual styles. Refresh the page to change the breed.

Our stable system includes 5 different box levels. The further the box is extended, the less care your horse needs. You can also purchase many different colours in the Stable Store and thus customise your stable.


A variety of equipment is available in our shop and can be easily dragged and dropped onto the horse using our drag and drop method.


Different and varied jobs help you to earn credits, so that you can expand and enlarge your stud farm.
Bring all the horses to the meadow to graze.


The Haflinger is here

Welcome to our new update.
The Haflinger is finally here. He comes in 6 different colours today, but you will only find 4 of them in the shops. The two darker shades are only available through breeding.
Of course, the Haflinger also has two different mane and tail types. Up to and including Tuesday we will generate new horses at the market if there is a demand.

Club task
As of today, the club tasks for dressage and eventing have also been integrated. In the wiki you will find a list of all the hoof-beat figures and cross-country obstacles. There you can read up a little so that you are prepared for the tasks.

Your horses are very stressed by all the selling and buying. Therefore, from now on, your horse will not have any action points left when you buy it.
Unfortunately, this was necessary because some users bought more horses to spend the action points and then sold the horse straight away. In this way, the horses were levelled up more quickly and that just doesn't seem right to us. The alternative would be a 24-hour sales ban, which we have dispensed with for the time being. That's why we have this new rule for now. As always, please feel free to give us feedback.

Beta Questionnaire
Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out our questionnaire. You have provided us with very important information.

Desired breed
So next we will integrate the Appaloosa. As always, we have already introduced you to a few colours on Instagram and Facebook. The next breed that will come into play is the Marwari.
As always, you can change your vote at any time. Especially if you voted for the Marwari.

As always, I would like to give you an interim result of the breed survey.
2. Shetland Pony
3. Fjord Pferd
4. German riding pony
5. American Quarter Horse
6. Shire Horse

See you very soon... I think there is love in the air...
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The data of the individual breeds only refer to horses generated by the system. The values of offspring can deviate, because the breeding influences these values massively.